Ontario Counsellors Conference 36

Covenant Christian Reformed Church
410 Lansdown Avenue
Woodstock, Ontario
Saturday, November 13 , 2021 8:30 a.m - 3:30 p.m.


We look forward to your attending the Ontario Counsellors Conference 36. Here are the workshops to choose from, with experienced and dynamic leaders for each workshop. NOTE! Only those prefaced with (ST) are available for live streaming.

  1. (ST) Effective Bible Study with Martin Dam
  2. (ST) Reaching Unchurched Boys with Alex Proudfoot
  3. Camporee Badge Prep with Gary VanZandwijk
  4. (ST) God’s in Control? with Steve Bootsma
  5. (ST) No-Gap Club Leadership with Dick Broene
  6. Model Airplanes with Harry Kooy
  7. Camporee / Knotty Experience with Gord Wells
  8. Flint Knapping with Eric Deboer
  9. (ST) Camporee Questions and Answers with Gerry Bijsma
  10. Rope Making with Henry Fohkens
  11. Exploding Outhouse with Walt VanEssen
  12. Blacksmith and Farrier CANCELLED due to illness
  13. (ST) Rock Solid Counsellor with Wilbert Lise