Ontario Counsellors Conference 36

Covenant Christian Reformed Church
410 Lansdown Avenue
Woodstock, Ontario
Saturday, November 13 , 2021 8:30 a.m - 3:30 p.m.


Blacksmith and Farrier

Andrew DeVisser is a professional Farrier and Blacksmith. He will teach you the basics of blacksmithing and how to fill the requirements of the blacksmithing badge. He can also answer any questions about setting up your own blacksmithing setups for your local group. Accompanying Andrew is Sam Verdonk, now attending Seminary, and former Blacksmith and Farrier.

The cost is $20 per person.

Model Airplanes

Harry Kooy has been building and flying model airplanes for many years. After building larger and more complex remote control planes he has returned to the earlier thrill of flying inexpensive free flight rubber powered models. He looks forward to the opportunity to share the fun of this rewarding hobby.

The cost is $5 per person.

Reaching Unchurched Boys

Hello! My name is Alexander Proudfoot. This last summer I was a student intern at Stratford CRC last summer as part of my undergraduate studies at Heritage College and Seminary in Cambridge Ontario. I came to the faith 7 years ago from a completely secular background, a story you'll hear parts of during my workshop. It is my hope to begin studying at Mid-America Reformed Seminary in the fall of 2022, Lord willing, with an aim to enter the Ministry.

My workshop is entitled: "Hurdles to Overcome with Community Kids". In it, I, using my experience as a youth coming to faith in Christ with no prior exposure to Christianity, hope to show the unique problems leaders face when attempting to communicate the faith kids like me. I also intend to offer helpful, practical ways to overcome these obstacles.

God's in Control?

Steve’s Cadet experiences started during the 70s on Friday nights in club 925 (Newmarket, Blue Mountain Council), working his way through the Recruit, Pathfinder, Builder and Guide ranks.

Then there were 80’s, the silent years, with no Cadet involvement.

The 90’s saw Steve involved on the occasional Saturday, helping drive and herd cadets through a hiking trip, or acting as a volunteer victim for a Snow Derby.

The turn of the century saw Steve’s involvement move to every Wednesday in club 5564 (Waterloo, Maitland Valley Council). There were still Saturday excursions, weekend campouts and an attempt at a weeklong camporee that ended up falling a few days short.

As the years went by, Steve’s time spent on Cadets gradually increased, until, in 2016, it reached the point of all-day, every-day. Besides working in the office as the Cadet Executive Director, Steve is still involved in his own church’s club 8945 (Princeton, Grand Rapids Council), meeting every Wednesday night.

No-Gap Club Leadership

Dick Broene has been a counsellor and head counsellor since 1969. In 1977, he became president of the Calvinist Cadet Corps, and served in that position until 1983. In that year, he was appointed executive director, and held that position until he retired in 2016. He is still Director Emeritus and continues to serve the Corps as training coordinator. Won't this guy ever leave?

This workshop focuses on the importance of having a plan in place for a new head counsellor at all times. It will introduce the concept of co-head counsellors and also of assistant head counsellors.

Effective Bible Study

Martin Dam is the pastor of the Stratford Christian Reformed Church, and has a lot of experience working with Cadet age boys. This workshop will focus on how to make the most of your lesson time, and deal with everything from how to prepare, to the relationship you are trying to build, to some tips for managing hyper or misbehaving boys.

Exploding Outhouse

Walter Van Essen is the Head Counsellor at Mitchell Free Reformed Church. He has been back in the Cadet program for the last 4 years. Walter is a retired OPP sergeant. He is also an avid cyclist, bike mechanic, wood worker (custom furniture), Papa to four beautiful grand kids, married for 37 years, loves to go kayak fishing and keeping busy with various odd jobs.

Camporee/Knotty Experience

Gordon Wells has been a cadet councillor at Aylmer CRC for the past 15 years. Wayne DeJong and Gordon will be teaching a course on how to build a camporee tent out of wood, duct tape, baler twine and 2 sheets of plastic. For anyone who has not been to a camporee before this will be new information, and for those who have been this will be a chance to possibly learn a new way to build a camporee tent.

Flint Knapping

Eric DeBoer has been a cadet counsellor with Bear Creek counsel for 10 years. He and his wife Linda love camping and hiking. Flint knapping is the art of shaping stone into tools.

Camporee Badge Prep

Gary vanZandwijk has been a counsellor for more than 25 years and has had the privilege to serve in many different capacities. He has a love for Camporees and would love to find ways to help as many boys as possible attend them. If you want to help your boys be ready but are not sure how to go through the badge process, make sure you attend. You will then feel comfortable helping them with Firebuilding, Axemanship and Camp Cooking.

Camporee Q & A

Mike and Gerry have had the pleasure of serving cadets for over a century together.They also served as camp director at 2 camp-o-rees each. They share a wealth of information which you may find helpful as you contemplate attending the International Camp-o-ree in 2023. Lives have been changed. Not only are we confronted by Jesus but also many have acknowledged Him as their Lord and Saviour. So come, be enlightened and join the conversation.

Rope Making

Henry Fohkens is currently the Congressman for Bear Creek Council. He has been a counsellor for well over 30 years. He enjoys camping, canoeing, and planning larger events.

Rope making is an activity the boys can use for their knots and lashing badge. It is understanding how a string, when bound properly, can make a large rope. Rope Making can also become an art.

Rock Solid Cadet Counsellors

Wilbert Lise has been a counsellor for about twenty years and is now the head counselor of Welland Grace club in Welland Ontario. He is also the Eastern Regional Training Coordinator (RTC) for the past five years. He and his wife Marg of 31 years have three sons who have become a praise and worship leading group.

So, are you a head counsellor who has men say, "I quit." very quickly? Or are you a regular counsellor who cannot stay motivated throughout the year? Well here you can discover some timeless principles from the book of Nehemiah that can be used as examples to help all counsellors stay engaged.